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What is a habit tracker?

A habit tracker is a system that’s designed to help you visualise the progress you’re making in creating new habits.

This is a technique that was popularised by Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century.

Franklin wanted to have 13 virtues, 13 behaviors that he valued as a person. For this, he created a kind of calendar: in the columns were the days of the month and in the lines the 13 virtues that he wanted to acquire.

Each day that he fulfilled virtue, he marked an X on the table. The visual identification of the progress he was making kept him motivated not to break the X sequence. His focus was on the process, not the end result.

Nowadays, you can find several applications that do the same thing. With these habit trackers you just have to carry out your habit and then mark the X. When the sequence of X is forming, you will find it increasingly easier to fulfill the habit.

To make life easier, I’ve made a list of and commentated on 10 great application options for you to track your habits. You’ll find everything from simpler options to more advanced applications that use techniques such as gamification, social sharing, and even fines to keep you in the habit you’re trying to create. Use the form above to receive the list.